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Y34 series Connector
The connector includes 7 types: 4、7、11、19 、37、55、85 cores. And the contacts with 11、19、37、55、85 cores are waiting for researching. The structure uses twist wire spring pin, and the performance specification meet the requirement of MIL-C-83513. They are widely used for electric connector within the electronic equipment.
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Y34 series
Y34 series Connectors Product solid pictureY34 series Connectors Product solid picture
Y34 series
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Y34 series
  ? The products are characterized by flexible pin, high density contact;
  ? Locking by thread
  ? Including plastic shell(Y34)and metal shell(Y34M),the termination styles of plastic shell contacts only by crimp contact, and the metal shell contacts by solder contact, crimp contact, in-line contact for PCB, right angle contact for PCB;
  ? With seven types of contacts: 4?7?11?19?37?55?85, at present, only produce contacts for 4, 7, 11, 37, 55 cores, the other contacts are on researching.
  ? Suitable cable section area for  0.1~0.15 mm2 ;
  ? The product meet the requirement of  MIL-C-83513.
  ? The performance standard
     Q/Ln.J6-87-98  The specification of Y34 subminiature circular electrical connectors
Y34 series
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Y34 series
Ambient Temperature Range
-65?~+125 ?
Relative Humidity
up to 98% at +40?
10~2000 Hz   196 m/s2
735 m/s2
Current Rating
Contact Resistance
=10 mO
Insulation Resistance
=5000 MO
Dielectric Strength
600 V
500 times
Y34 series
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Y34 series
How to order type Y34 connectors
How to order type Y34M connectors
  Y34  -  ×   ×   ×
  Y34M   I  -  ×   ×    ×   ×  -  ×
    ?      ?   ?   ?
     ?     ?    ?   ?    ?   ?     ?
  ?:Y34 —Series Prefix
  ?:Y34M —Series Prefix
  ?:×  —Number of Contacts:4?7?11?19?37?55?85
  ?:I    — key way variation for insulation installation board
  ?:×  —Contacts Types:P - pin  S - socket
      I for the plug insulation installation board only with one key way
  ?:×  —Termination style:H – crimp contact
  ?:×  —Number of Contacts:4?7?11?19?37?55?85
  ?:×  —Contacts Types:P - pin  S - socket
  ?:×  — Termination variation: H – crimp contact
      L – in-line contact for PCB  W – right angle for PCB
  ?:×  — Shell variation:A – shell with EMI/RFI shielding ring
      B – shell with tail cover
  ?: G – shell plating coat: no designator for nickel plating G – cadmium plating
  ? :× —Variation: no designator for the receptacle shell is diamond flange
      F – receptacle shell is square
Y34 series
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Y34 series
Y34 series Connectors Contact ArrangementsY34 series Connectors Contact Arrangements
             4 cores                     7 cores   
Y34 series Connectors Contact Arrangements
        11 cores                  19 cores(on researching)                                 37 cores
Y34 series Connectors Contact ArrangementsY34 series Connectors Contact Arrangements
                        55 cores                           85 cores(on researching)
  Note 1:Hole pattern is the contact for plug (pin in it ) ;
  Note 2:The position that the arrowhead direct is towards the main key way .
Y34 series
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Y34 series

?panel cutouts for receptacle Y34-4SH?Y34-7SH
? panel cutouts for receptacle Y34M-4SH?Y34M-7SH?Y34M-7SHG?Y34M-7SL?Y34-7SW  
Y34 series Connectors panel cutoutsY34 series Connectors panel cutouts
? panel cutouts for receptacle Y34M-7SH-F?Y34M-7SHA-F?Y34M-11SH-F?Y34MI-11SHA-F
Y34 series Connectors panel cutouts
How To Order
? panel cutouts for receptacle Y34M—7SL
?PCB pattern for receptacle Y34M—7SW       
Y34 series Connectors panel cutoutsY34 series Connectors panel cutouts

Y34 series
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Y34 series

             Y34  -   7   P  H
                    Y34M  ? -  7  P  H  A  -  F
     Means the series prefix is Y34 plug, the number of contacts is7, the termination style is crimp contact.
      Means Y34M connectors with one key way and with EMI/RFI shielding ring on the shell, the number of contacts is 7, contact type is pin, the termination style is crimp contact.

Y34 series
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Y34 seriesY34 plastic shell connectors
The termination style only for crimp contact;
Y34M basic connectors
The connectors with no EMI/RFI shielding ring, tail cover, and the termination style is crimp contact;
Y34M connectors with protector crimp contact ring
The connectors with EMI/RFI shielding ring;
Y34M connectors with tail cover
The connectors with tail cover;
Y34M connectors for PCB(just suitable for socket connectors)
The termination style is contact for PCB.
Y34 series