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CMI series Connector
The interval of the basic reseaus of contacts is 2.54mm, the outline dimensions and panel cutouts meet the requirement of IEC603-, just changed the contact for filling-in bits—reed for twist pin—rigid socket. They are widely used for electric connector for electric equipment and PCB.
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CMI series CMI series
CMI series Connectors Product solid pictureCMI series Connectors Product solid picture
CMI series CMI series
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CMI series CMI series
  ? The product is variation of twist pin of type C connectors;
  ? Including seven types of contacts:96?64?48?33?32?16?14 cores
  ? CMI connectors for PCB use the same insulator, through changing the installation position of the contacts to meet the different requirements of amount and permutation of contact;
  ? The panel cutouts can be changed for panel cutouts of type C connectors of DIN41612 and IEC603-2;
  ? Suitable for connecting the electric circuit between the PCB, PCB and cables, cables and cables in the field of electric equipment.
  ? The Performance Standards:
     The detail standard for CM96 rectangular connectors
CMI series CMI series
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CMI series CMI series
Ambient Temperature Range
-55~+125 ?
Relative Humidity
Up to 98% at +40?
10~2000 Hz  300 m/s2
Radom Vibration
Power density 0.4G2/Hz  total acceleration-root-mean square is 23.1G
980 m/s2
Current Rating
2 A
Contact Resistance
=10 mO
Insulation Resistance
=5000 MO
Dielectric Strength
1000 V
1000 times
CMI series CMI series
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CMI series CMI series

      CMI    ×    S?    TK/ZJ    W
        ?     ?     ?        ?      ?
      ?:CMI -- Series Prefix:
      ?:×  -- Number of contacts:14?16?32?33?48?64?96
      ?:S? --  Range way of contact: S1?S2?S3?S4?S5?
          S6?S7?S8?S9?S10?S11?S12?S13?S14?S15 and no designator(for full of contacts)
      ?:TK/ZJ-- Type of connectors and contacts:
          TK—socket in the plug ZJ—pin in the receptacle
      ?:Termination styles:  W—right angle contact for PCB N—in-line contact for PCB  S—solder contact
   Note :the corresponding relative of the number of contacts and the range way of contacts is as follow:
Number of contacts
Contacts arrangement
S2?S1 ?S15
No designator
 For example:
CMI    48    S4    TK    W
means the CMI plug, the number of contacts is 48, the contact arrangement is S4, and the termination style is right angle for PCB.

CMI series CMI series
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CMI series CMI series

CMI series Connectors The Family Tree

CMI series CMI series
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CMI series CMI seriesright angle contact for PCB plug
Contact is rigid socket, tail end is right angle for PCB;
in-line contact for PCB receptacle
Contact is flexible pin, tail end is in-line contact for PCB;
solder contact receptacle
Solder contact connectors only for receptacle.
CMI series CMI series