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HDD series Connector
HDD subminiature D connectors include 5 types of contacts: 15,26,44,62,78.The plating of contact include:Brass, gold/Tin plated or gold plated .They can displace the DR connector from Tyco(AMP)
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HDD series HDD series
HDD series Connectors Product solid pictureHDD series Connectors Product solid picture
HDD series HDD series
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HDD series HDD seriesHDD-S nut riveted on front shell
Spec: 15S/26S/44S/62S/78S
HDD-S nut riveted on rear shell
Spec: 15S/26S/44S/62S/78S


HDD-P welding wire
Spec: 15P/26P/44P/62P/78P
HDD-S welding wire
Spec: 15S/26S/44S/62S/78S
HDD series HDD series