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Connector Family Tree 
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Collapse JQ15 Rectangular Electrical Connector seriesJQ15 Rectangular Electrical Connector series
Y30 series
Collapse Y34 seriesY34 series
Y34 plastic shell connectors
Y34M basic connectors
Y34M connectors with protector crimp contact ring
Y34M connectors with tail cover
Y34M connectors for PCB(just suitable for socket connectors)
Y34A series
Collapse Y43 seriesY43 series
Y43 plug and receptacle connectors
Y43 accessories
Collapse Y67 seriesY67 series
Y67 plug accessories
Y67 receptacle accessories
Y67encapsulation tail cover accessories
Y69 series
Y70 series
Collapse GJB599 (MIL-C-38999)GJB599 (MIL-C-38999)
GJB599 series(MIL-C-38999)Ⅰcircular electrical connector
GJB599 series(MIL-C-38999) Ⅲ circular electrical connector
GJB599 series (MIL-C-38999)Ⅲ circular electrical connector with compound material
GJB599 Series (MIL-C-38999) Ⅲ circular fire-proof electrical connectors class K and S
The currency material of GJB599 series (MIL-C-38999)Ⅰ—Ⅲ circular electrical connectors
GJB599 series (MIL-C-38999) circular connectors for space
Y11 series
Y8B series
Y27 Series
CY55H(CXCH) series
TP series
Y2 series
Y3 series
Y3A Series
Y3B Series
Y4 Series
Y11 series
Y16 Series
Y17 Series
Y23 Series
Y27 Series
Y50DX series
Y50DX-2 series
Y50EX series
Y50X series
Y55F (XCF) series
Y55G(XCG) series
Y55M series
Y56 (XK) series
Y56E(XKE) Series
Y57 series
YP Series
YW Series
YW1 series
GM5,GM6 series
Y5A series
Y8B,Y8C series
Y26,Y26B,Y26C series
Y26D series
Y36 series
Y37A series
Y40 series
Y46 series
Y47 series
Y27 series
X16 series
C16 series
Collapse FQ seriesFQ series
FQ14 black series
FQ18 series
FQ142 series
FQ14 grey series
Collapse P seriesP series
P20 series
P28 series
P32 series
P48 series
P55 series
P203 series
Collapse PB series PB series
PB20 series
PB28C series
PB28S series
PB20D series
PB32 series
PB28 series
PB40 series
PB48-2 series
PB48 series
PB48C series
Collapse Q seriesQ series
Q18 series
Q24 series
Q30 series
Collapse X seriesX series
X12 series
X14 series
X22 series
X24 series
X30 series
Collapse MIL-C-5015 seriesMIL-C-5015 series
MIL-C-5015 series
Collapse MIL-C-26482 seriesMIL-C-26482 series
MIL-C-26482-I series
MIL-C-26482II series
Collapse MIL-DTL-38999 seriesMIL-DTL-38999 series
MIL-DTL-38999 series III circular electrical connector with compound material series
MIL-DTL-38999 Series III circular fire-proof electrical connectors class K and S series
MIL-DTL-38999 series space grade circular electric connector series
MIL-DTL-38999 series III circular electrical connector series
Collapse Pull-push Series Connector docPull-push Series Connector doc
B series
K series doc
C series DOC
S series DOC
P series doc